Journal Club

Virology Journal Club

The Virology Journal Club is a series of virology research colloquia given by students and faculty from across the University.

Journal Club meets Wednesdays at 11:15 AM in the atrium of the Boyce Thompson Institute.

For more information, contact Zhengchun Lu or the presenter of the week. Empty spaces do not yet have anyone signed up. Please send references to Shelagh Johnston to be posted here prior to presentation.

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Fall 2013

The schedule will rotate among Virology labs. Each lab is responsible for deciding who will present and forwarding references to Zhengchun Lu and Shelagh Johnston.


September 25 - Zhengchun Lu, Parker Lab
Feng Z, Hensley L, McKnight KL, Hu F, Madden V, Ping L, Jeong S-H, Walker C, Lanford RE and SM Lemon
A pathogenic picornavirus acquires an envelope by hijacking cellular membranes.
Nature 496:367-371
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October 2 - Andrew Allison, Parrish Lab
Rajsbaum, Ricardo, et al.Species-specific inhibition of RIG-I ubiquitination and IFN induction by the influenza A virus NS1 protein.
PLoS pathogens 8.11 (2012): e1003059.
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October 9 - John Parker, Parker lab
Varble A, Benitez AA, Schmid S, Sachs D, Shim JV, Rodriguez-Barrueco R, Panis M, Crumiller M, Silva JM, Sachidanandam R, and BR tenOever (2013)
An In Vivo RNAi Screening Approach to Identify Host Determinants of Virus Replication.
Cell Host & Microbe 14:346 356.
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October 16 - Fall break
October 23 - Kurtis Feng, Parrish lab
Pan, W., Dong, Z., Li, F., Meng, W., Feng, L., Niu, X., ... & Chen, L. (2013).
Visualizing influenza virus infection in living mice.
Nature communications, 4.
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November 6 - Keith Perry, Perry lab
Li, Y., Lu, J., Han, Y., Fan, X., & Ding, S. W. (2013).
RNA Interference Functions as an Antiviral Immunity Mechanism in Mammals.
Science,342(6155), 231-234.
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Maillard, P. V., Ciaudo, C., Marchais, A., Li, Y., Jay, F., Ding, S. W., & Voinnet, O. (2013).
Antiviral RNA Interference in Mammalian Cells.
Science,342(6155), 235-238.
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November 13 - Kai Huang, Parrish lab
Wilker, P. R., Dinis, J. M., Starrett, G., Imai, M., Hatta, M., Nelson, C. W., O'Connor, D.H., Hughes, A.L., Neumann, G., Kawaoka, Y. & Friedrich, T. C. (2013).
Selection on haemagglutinin imposes a bottleneck during mammalian transmission of reassortant H5N1 influenza viruses.
Nature communications, 4.
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November 20 - Victor Tse, Whittaker lab - Will meet in Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) C4 129
Li, J., Liu, K., Liu, Y., Xu, Y., Zhang, F., Yang, H., ... & Yuan, Z. (2013).
Exosomes mediate the cell-to-cell transmission of IFN-[alpha]-induced antiviral activity.
Nature immunology, 14(8), 793-803.
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November 27 - Thanksgiving break


December 4 - open
December 11 - Emily Desmet, Parker lab
Le Buf, F., Batenchuk, C., Vh-Koskela, M., Breton, S., Roy, D., Lemay, C., ... & Bell, J. C. (2013).
Model-based rational design of an oncolytic virus with improved therapeutic potential.
Nature communications, 4.
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December 18 - Gerlinde van de Walle, van de Walle lab
Granstedt, A. E., Bosse, J. B., Thiberge, S. Y., & Enquist, L. W. (2013).
In vivo imaging of alphaherpesvirus infection reveals synchronized activity dependent on axonal sorting of viral proteins.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(37), E3516-E3525.
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