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Virology Journal Club

The Virology Journal Club is a series of virology research colloquia given by students and faculty from across the University. To join the virology listserv, send an email to In the subject line simply put: join. Leave the body blank.

Journal Club meets Wednesdays at 10:00 AM in the Hagan Room.

For more information, contact Brian Wasik or the presenter of the week. Empty spaces do not yet have anyone signed up. Please send references to Shelagh Johnston to be posted here prior to presentation.

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Spring 2018

The schedule will rotate among Virology labs. Each lab is responsible for deciding who will present and forwarding references to Brian Wasik and Shelagh Johnston.


January 17

Brian Wasik, Parrish lab
Xue, K.S., Greninger, A.L., Pérez-Osorio, A. and Bloom, J.D., 2018. Cooperating H3N2 influenza virus variants are not detectable in primary clinical samples. mSphere, 3(1), pp.e00552-17.
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January 24

Colin Parrish, Parrish lab
Erickson, A.K., Jesudhasan, P.R., Mayer, M.J., Narbad, A., Winter, S.E. and Pfeiffer, J.K., 2017. Bacteria facilitate enteric virus co-infection of mammalian cells and promote genetic recombination. Cell host & microbe.
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January 31

Furkat Mukhtarov, Schang lab
Courtney, D.G., Kennedy, E.M., Dumm, R.E., Bogerd, H.P., Tsai, K., Heaton, N.S. and Cullen, B.R., 2017. Epitranscriptomic enhancement of influenza A virus gene expression and replication. Cell host & microbe, 22(3), pp.377-386.
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February 7
February 14

Luis Schang, Schang lab
Drayman, N., Karin, O., Mayo, A., Danon, T., Shapira, L., Rafael, D., Zimmer, A., Bren, A., Kobiler, O. and Alon, U., 2017. Dynamic proteomics of herpes simplex virus infection. mBio, 8(6), pp.e01612-17.
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February 21

Tiffany Tang, Daniel lab
Kwun, H.J., Chang, Y. and Moore, P.S., 2017. Protein-mediated viral latency is a novel mechanism for Merkel cell polyomavirus persistence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, p.201703879.Kwun, H.J., Chang, Y. and Moore, P.S., 2017. Protein-mediated viral latency is a novel mechanism for Merkel cell polyomavirus persistence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, p.201703879.
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February 28

Hector Aguilar-Carreno, Aguilar-Carreno lab


March 7

Abrrey Monreal, Aguilar-Carreno lab Kim, I.S., Jenni, S., Stanifer, M.L., Roth, E., Whelan, S.P., van Oijen, A.M. and Harrison, S.C., 2017. Mechanism of membrane fusion induced by vesicular stomatitis virus G protein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(1), pp.E28-E36.
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March 14

Gunner Johnston, Aguilar-Carreno lab

Sette, P., O’Connor, S.K., Yerramilli, V.S., Dussupt, V., Nagashima, K., Chutiraka, K., Lingappa, J., Scarlata, S. and Bouamr, F., 2016. HIV-1 nucleocapsid mimics the membrane adaptor syntenin PDZ to gain access to ESCRTs and promote virus budding. Cell host & microbe, 19(3), pp.336-348.
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March 21

David Buchholz, Aguilar-Carreno lab

Wohlbold, T.J., Nachbagauer, R., Xu, H., Tan, G.S., Hirsh, A., Brokstad, K.A., Cox, R.J., Palese, P. and Krammer, F., 2015. Vaccination with adjuvanted recombinant neuraminidase induces broad heterologous, but not heterosubtypic, cross-protection against influenza virus infection in mice. MBio, 6(2), pp.e02556-14.
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March 28

John Frank, Feschotte lab

Young, G.R., Terry, S.N., Manganaro, L., Cuesta-Dominguez, A., Deikus, G., Bernal-Rubio, D., Campisi, L., Fernandez-Sesma, A., Sebra, R., Simon, V. and Mulder, L.C., 2018. HIV-1 Infection of Primary CD4+ T Cells Regulates the Expression of Specific Human Endogenous Retrovirus HERV-K (HML-2) Elements. Journal of Virology, 92(1), pp.e01507-17.
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April 4


April 11

John Parker, Parker lab

Russell, A.B., Trapnell, C. and Bloom, J.D., 2018. Extreme heterogeneity of influenza virus infection in single cells. Elife, 7, p.e32303.
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April 18

Lakshmi Nathan, Daniel lab

Dubé, M., Etienne, L., Fels, M. and Kielian, M., 2016. Calcium-dependent rubella virus fusion occurs in early endosomes. Journal of virology,< 90(14), pp.6303-6313.
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April 25

Esteban Flores, Schang lab

Lang, F., Li, X., Vladimirova, O., Hu, B., Chen, G., Xiao, Y., Singh, V., Lu, D., Li, L., Han, H. and Wickramasinghe, J.M.A.S.P., 2017. CTCF interacts with the lytic HSV-1 genome to promote viral transcription. Scientific reports, 7, p.39861.
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May 2

Erik Contreras, Aguilar-Carreno lab

Chow, J., Márka, Z., Bartos, I., Márka, S. and Kagan, J.C., 2017. Environmental Stress Causes Lethal Neuro-Trauma during Asymptomatic Viral Infections. Cell host & microbe, 22(1), pp.48-60.
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May 9

Karen Barnard, Parrish lab