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Virology Journal Club

The Virology Journal Club is a series of virology research colloquia given by students and faculty from across the University. To join the virology listserv, send an email to In the subject line simply put: join. Leave the body blank.

Journal Club meets Wednesdays at 10:00 AM in the atrium of the Boyce Thompson Institute.

For more information, contact Brian Wasik or the presenter of the week. Empty spaces do not yet have anyone signed up. Please send references to Shelagh Johnston to be posted here prior to presentation.

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Fall 2017

The schedule will rotate among Virology labs. Each lab is responsible for deciding who will present and forwarding references to Brian Wasik and Shelagh Johnston.


September 13

Heather Callaway, Parrish lab
Zhao, F., Zhao, T., Deng, L., Lv, D., Zhang, X., Pan, X., Xu, J. and Long, G., 2017. Visualizing the essential role of complete virion assembly machinery in efficient hepatitis C virus cell-to-cell transmission by a viral infection-activated split-intein-mediated reporter system. Journal of virology91(2), pp.e01720-16.Read the pdf.

September 20

Abrrey Monreal, Aguilar-Carreno lab
Yao, H., Lee, M., Liao, S.Y. and Hong, M., 2016. Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigation of the Structural Topology and Lipid Interactions of a Viral Fusion Protein Chimera Containing the Fusion Peptide and Transmembrane Domain.> Biochemistry, 55(49), pp.6787-6800. Read the pdf.

September 27

Liz Zamora, Aguilar-Carreno lab
Arakelyan, A., Fitzgerald, W., King, D.F., Rogers, P., Cheeseman, H.M., Grivel, J.C., Shattock, R.J. and Margolis, L., 2017. Flow virometry analysis of envelope glycoprotein conformations on individual HIV virions. > Scientific Reports, 7. Read the pdf.


October 4

Gunner Johnston, Aguilar-Carreno lab
Rincheval, V., Lelek, M., Gault, E., Bouillier, C., Sitterlin, D., Blouquit-Laye, S., Galloux, M., Zimmer, C., Eleouet, J.F. and Rameix-Welti, M.A., 2017. Functional organization of cytoplasmic inclusion bodies in cells infected by respiratory syncytial virus. Nature Communications, 8. Read the pdf.

October 11

Matt Pennington and Joy Tomlinson, Van de Walle lab
Deng, X., Xu, P., Zou, W., Shen, W., Peng, J., Liu, K., Engelhardt, J.F., Yan, Z. and Qiu, J., 2017. DNA damage signaling is required for replication of human bocavirus 1 DNA in dividing HEK293 cells. Journal of Virology, 91(1), pp.e01831-16. Read the pdf.

October 18

Yi Xu, Gray lab
Discussion of manuscript in progress, "A plant virus interferes with S-acylation of remorin and induces its autophagic degradation to facilitate virus infection".

October 25

Rob Dick, Vogt lab
Takata, M.A., Gonçalves-Carneiro, D., Zang, T.M., Soll, S.J., York, A., Blanco-Melo, D. and Bieniasz, P.D., 2017. CG dinucleotide suppression enables antiviral defence targeting non-self RNA. Nature.
Read the pdf.


November 1 - HAGAN ROOM

Yingying Guo, Parker lab
Kanai, Y., Komoto, S., Kawagishi, T., Nouda, R., Nagasawa, N., Onishi, M., Matsuura, Y., Taniguchi, K. and Kobayashi, T., 2017. Entirely plasmid-based reverse genetics system for rotaviruses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, p.201618424.
Read the pdf.

November 8

Esteban Flores, Schang lab
Lang, F., Li, X., Vladimirova, O., Hu, B., Chen, G., Xiao, Y., Singh, V., Lu, D., Li, L., Han, H. and Wickramasinghe, J.M.A.S.P., 2017. CTCF interacts with the lytic HSV-1 genome to promote viral transcription. Scientific reports, 7, p.39861.
Read the pdf.

November 15

John Frank, Feschotte lab
Eksmond, U., Jenkins, B., Merkenschlager, J., Mothes, W., Stoye, J.P. and Kassiotis, G., 2017. Mutation of the putative immunosuppressive domain of the retroviral envelope glycoprotein compromises infectivity. Journal of virology, 91(21), pp.e01152-17.
Read the pdf.

November 22

Thanksgiving Holiday

November 29

Victoria Ortega, Aguilar-Carreno lab


December 5

Karen Barnard, Parrish lab

December 12