Journal Club

Virology Journal Club

The Virology Journal Club is a series of virology research colloquia given by students and faculty from across the University.

Journal Club meets Wednesdays at 11:15 AM in the atrium of the Boyce Thompson Institute.

For more information, contact Zhengchun Lu or the presenter of the week. Empty spaces do not yet have anyone signed up. Please send references to Shelagh Johnston to be posted here prior to presentation.

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Spring 2014

The schedule will rotate among Virology labs. Each lab is responsible for deciding who will present and forwarding references to Zhengchun Lu and Shelagh Johnston.


February 5 - Simon Zhou, Jander Lab
Casteel, C. L., Yang, C., Nanduri, A. C., Jong, H. N., Whitham, S. A., & Jander, G. (2014).
The NIa-Pro protein of Turnip mosaic virus improves growth and reproduction of the aphid vector, Myzus persicae (green peach aphid).
The Plant Journal.
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February 12 - Zhengchun Lu, Parker Lab
Trobaugh, D. W., Gardner, C. L., Sun, C., Haddow, A. D., Wang, E., Chapnik, E., ... & Klimstra, W. B. (2013).
RNA viruses can hijack vertebrate microRNAs to suppress innate immunity.
Nature. doi:10.1038/nature12869
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February 19 - Hunglun Hsu, Daniel Lab
Brandenburg, B., Koudstaal, W., Goudsmit, J., Klaren, V., Tang, C., Bujny, M. V., ... & Friesen, R. H. (2013).
Mechanisms of Hemagglutinin Targeted Influenza Virus Neutralization.
PloS one, 8(12), e80034.
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February 26 - Lisa Bolin, Whittaker Lab
Justine Sunshine, Moon Kim, Jonathan M. Carlson, David Heckerman, Julie Czartoski, Stephen A. Migueles, Janine Maenza, M. Juliana McElrath, James I. Mullins and Nicole Frahm (2014) Increased sequence coverage through combined targeting of variant and conserved epitopes correlates with control of HIV replication.
J. Virol. 2014, 88(2):1354. DOI: 10.1128/JVI.02361-13.
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March 4 - Dr. Daniel Nemecek, noon. Thaw Auditorium, Baker Institute
Mechanism and dynamics of dsRNA bacteriophage phi6 maturation at the atomic level.
March 5 - Rob Dick, Volker Lab
Keller, H., Kräusslich, H. G., & Schwille, P. (2013).
Multimerizable HIV Gag derivative binds to the liquid-disordered phase in model membranes.
Cellular microbiology, 15(2), 237-247.
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Carlson, L. A., & Hurley, J. H. (2012). In vitro reconstitution of the ordered assembly of the endosomal sorting complex required for transport at membrane-bound HIV-1 Gag clusters.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109(42), 16928-16933.
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March 12 - no meeting
March 19 - Keith Perry, Perry Lab
Smith, O., Clapham, A., Rose, P., Liu, Y., Wang, J., & Allaby, R. G. (2014).
A complete ancient RNA genome: identification, reconstruction and evolutionary history of archaeological Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus.
Scientific reports, 4.
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Supplementary data
March 26 - Jean Millet, Whittaker Lab
Legendre, M., Bartoli, J., Shmakova, L., Jeudy, S., Labadie, K., Adrait, A., ... & Claverie, J. M. (2014).
Thirty-thousand-year-old distant relative of giant icosahedral DNA viruses with a pandoravirus morphology.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111(11): 4274-4279.
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Supporting information


April 2 - Kai Huang, Parrish lab
Brennan, G., Kitzman, J. O., Rothenburg, S., Shendure, J., & Geballe, A. P. (2014).
Adaptive Gene Amplification As an Intermediate Step in the Expansion of Virus Host Range.
PLoS pathogens, 10(3), e1004002.
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April 9 - Lazarowitz lab
April 16 - Baines Lab
April 23 - Lucks Lab
April 30 - Daniel Lab


May 7 - no meeting