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Virology Journal Club

The Virology Journal Club is a series of virology research colloquia given by students and faculty from across the University. To join the virology listserv, send an email to In the subject line simply put: join. Leave the body blank.

Journal Club meets Wednesdays at 10:00 AM in the atrium of the Boyce Thompson Institute.

For more information, contact Brian Wasik or the presenter of the week. Empty spaces do not yet have anyone signed up. Please send references to Shelagh Johnston to be posted here prior to presentation.

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Fall 2016

The schedule will rotate among Virology labs. Each lab is responsible for deciding who will present and forwarding references to Brian Wasik and Shelagh Johnston.


November 16

Bart Spiesschart, Parker lab
Cheng, X., Wang, W., Xu, Q., Harper, J., Carroll, D., Galinski, M.S., Suzich, J. and Jin, H., 2016.
Genetic modification of oncolytic Newcastle disease virus for cancer therapy.
Journal of virology, 90(11), pp.5343-5352. Read the pdf.

Heather Callaway, Parrish lab
Wu, W., Newcomb, W.W., Cheng, N., Aksyuk, A., Winkler, D.C. and Steven, A.C., 2016. Internal Proteins of the Procapsid and Mature Capsids of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Mapped by Bubblegram Imaging.
Journal of Virology, 90(10), pp.5176-5186. Read the pdf.


September 28

Brian Wasik, Parrish lab
Liu, J., Liu, Y., Nie, K., Du, S., Qiu, J., Pang, X., Wang, P. and Cheng, G., 2016. Flavivirus NS1 protein in infected host sera enhances viral acquisition by mosquitoes.
Nature Microbiology, p.16087. Read the pdf.

October 5

Karen Barnard, Parrish lab
Behrens, A.J., Vasiljevic, S., Pritchard, L.K., Harvey, D.J., Andev, R.S., Krumm, S.A., Struwe, W.B., Cupo, A., Kumar, A., Zitzmann, N. and Seabright, G.E., 2016. Composition and antigenic effects of individual glycan sites of a trimeric HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein.
Cell reports, 14(11), pp.2695-2706. Read the pdf.

October 12
- fall break
October 19

Ian Voorhees, Parrish lab
Visher, E., Whitefield, S.E., McCrone, J.T., Fitzsimmons, W. and Lauring, A.S., 2016. The Mutational Robustness of Influenza A Virus.
PLoS Pathog, 12(8), p.e1005856. Read the pdf.

October 26


November 2
November 9
November 16
November 23
November 30


December 6

Yi Xu - Room 415
Ali, Z., Ali, S., Tashkandi, M., Zaidi, S.S.E.A. and Mahfouz, M.M., 2016.
CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Immunity to Geminiviruses: Differential Interference and Evasion.
Scientific reports, 6.Read the pdf.

December 13

Matt Pennington, Van de Walle lab, BTI 313
Ladner, J.T., Wiley, M.R., Beitzel, B., Auguste, A.J., Dupuis, A.P., Lindquist, M.E., Sibley, S.D., Kota, K.P., Fetterer, D., Eastwood, G. and Kimmel, D., 2016.
A multicomponent animal virus isolated from mosquitoes. Cell Host & Microbe, 20(3), pp.357-367. Read the pdf.